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Backyard Projects Farm and Ranch

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Backyard Projects: Farm & Ranch Buildings

Home Hardware's Farm & Ranch Building Packages combine attractive traditional styling with long-lasting durability. Our cost-efficient post frame and stud frame buildings offer versatile solutions for equipment storage and livestock housing and can be customized to suit your requirements. This includes whole or partial use as workshops and garages. Beautifully finished hobby barns and horse stables are also available, with a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from to perfectly complement your property. Animal shelter options include purpose-built structures for housing calves, cattle, horses and chickens. Our Farm & Ranch Buildings include some of our largest project packages. Construction should be completed by an experienced, qualified contractor.

Backyard Projects Farm & Ranch Packages include many design options to suit your tastes and fit your budget. Whether you want a simple animal shelter or full-size hobby barn, one of our Backyard Project experts is here to help.

Step oneChoose Your Farm or Ranch Building

Post Frame Buildings

Our Post Frame Building packages offer a reliable, economical building method for agricultural applications and residential outbuildings. Post-frame construction uses sturdy posts and heavy-duty roof trusses that are directly connected to each other. When combined with the steel panel roof and siding it makes for an exceptionally strong building that can withstand heavy snow loads and strong winds. The clear-span roof trusses also allow for complete use of your space because no interior walls are required. So the inside can be left wide open for pole barn, workshop or storage functionality, or configured to include stalls and partitions for livestock. A wide variety of sizes are available to suit any and all storage needs including machinery, livestock and seasonal harvests. Building layouts can also be adapted to suit light industrial applications.

Stud Frame Buildings

Stud frame construction offers several unique benefits for use in Farm & Ranch Buildings. As the long-time standard for home building, any contractor is sure to have experience and expertise with this method. This can help ensure an efficient and seamless construction process. But the real advantage of our stud frame buildings is strength. The framing is more stable than other construction methods, which means the overall structure is stronger and more durable over time. Our Stud Frame Buildings are able to withstand high winds, freezing temperatures, driving snow and all types of inclement weather. They are also extremely versatile. Ideal for any kind of storage, they can also be configured to include stalls and partitions for livestock. Standard stud spacing makes it easy to install batt insulation, a real benefit if using your building as a workshop or to store antique automobiles and other temperature-sensitive items. A wide variety of sizes are available to suit your specific needs.

Hobby Barns

Offering storage, work and leisure options, a Hobby Barn is perhaps the most versatile outbuilding you can add to your property. You'll have plenty of floor space for cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles, or for smaller farm vehicles like tractors. It can also provide safe, dry housing for all kinds of collectables, from antique autos to furniture. You can even create a workshop for pursuing various projects and hobbies. The loft can be furnished with chairs and couches for use as a man cave or she-shed, or equipped to function as an office or studio. Whether upstairs or downstairs, entertainment opportunities abound. Your Hobby Barn can be a cozy place to hang out on game night, a cool spot for kids' parties, or even a venue for indoor floor hockey!

Horse Stables

Home Hardware offers several beautiful Horse Stable packages to help keep your horses well-rested and sheltered from wind and weather. Whichever design you choose, rest assured that all your grooming, saddling and training duties will be may be easier, and your horses will be pristine when it comes time to show them. Our open-concept model allows you to customize the interior to suit your specific stabling needs. This includes creating interior walls for stalls, a feed room and a tack room. Water intake and manure production can also be easily monitored. All of our Horse Stable packages feature extra-high ceiling heights to ensure your horses can raise and lower their heads comfortably.

Animal Shelters

It's essential to provide your livestock, especially young calves, with a housing option to escape cold or wet weather. Home Hardware's open-front Animal Shelters offer a comfortable environment that is clean, dry, and properly ventilated. Each shelter is purpose-built to suit the specific needs of different animals, including calves, cattle and horses. The layout and dimensions allow your animals to move about inside the shelter on a permanent litter of straw, corncob or sawdust. They can also move freely between the shelter and an outside yard for easy access to feed and water. The rear-sloping roof design helps to prevent snow and ice from building up, and the overall construction is strong and sturdy to ensure long-lasting durability. Chicken coops that can house from three to six hens are also available.

  • How Your Backyard Project Works

  • Backyard Projects are available through all Home Hardware Building Centre and Home Building Centre locations. All lumber and materials are included: simply choose your project and contact your nearest Building Centre location to confirm material availability and place your order. Concrete footing materials are sold separately; these items are specific to your project and will need to be considered when designing your farm or ranch building. Your Backyard Projects expert will help you choose the options that are right for your home. Project costs will vary according to local conditions, by-laws, and building codes. Contact your local Building Centre for project pricing and guidance.

Backyard Project Installation Options

  • 1. DIY: The self-installation option gives you complete control of your project. That means you're in charge of the material cutting, pre-drilling and assembly. The level of difficulty varies from project-to-project. Many are ideal for handy homeowners with experience reading construction plans and using power tools and hand tools. All tool requirements are also your responsibility, but remember - Home Hardware's always here to help!

  • 2. We Install: For more advanced projects, your best solution may be to use Home Hardware's trusted Home Installs service, or a Home Hardware recommended contractor. This option brings experience and expertise to your project and helps ensure it is completed in a timely, professional manner (including post-project cleanup). Consult with your store's Backyard Projects expert to make the choice that is right for you.

Before You Start: Whichever option you choose, be sure to contact your local building department for by-law and permit requirements, and your local utilities for easements and underground service locations. Your Backyard Projects expert can help guide you through the process and assist with any special drawings and approvals that may be required.

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