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Backyard Projects Garages

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Backyard Projects: Garages

Adding a detached garage to your property can make your life a lot easier and also increase the value of your home. Sheltering your vehicles from the elements is of course the primary benefit: they'll last longer, look better, and you won't have to scrape off snow and ice in the freezing cold of winter. Additional storage space is another big plus, with plenty of room for tools, bicycles, outdoor furniture and other items. You can even add a workbench for doing projects, hobbies or other tasks. Choosing a detached vs. attached garage also offers several unique advantages. In addition to keeping exhaust fumes, dust and noise out of your house, it also gives you the most flexible design options. A detached garage doesn't have to integrate with the existing structure of your house. That means you can literally build your detached garage anywhere. Simply choose the size and design that will maximize your space and best suits your needs.

Backyard Projects Garage Packages include many design options to suit your tastes and fit your budget. Whether you want a Standard One-Car Garage or two-level, Two-Car Loft Garage, one of our Backyard Project experts is here to help.

Step oneChoose Your Garage Style

Standard Garages

A long-time favourite of homeowners, our Standard Garage packages offer cost-effective easy construction vs. most other garage styles. The gable roof has a classic appeal and will complement the architecture of your house wherever it is placed. The sloping design also offers practical benefits. From an interior perspective it provides better ventilation for welding, soldering or if you need to run vehicles during maintenance. The roof trusses and rafters can also be used for storing longer items like ladders, lumber and extra siding. Outside, the gable roof allows snow and ice to slide off the sides and prevent potentially dangerous build-up. Single-car garages and two-car garages are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your space requirements. The front/gable-side entry ensures that even with vehicles parked inside you'll have plenty of room at the back for storage and workshop functionality.

Side Entry Garages

Depending on the size and layout of your property, a Side Entry Garage may be the best choice. For example, if placing the garage behind vs. beside your home. You'll still get all the benefits of a gable roof, but a Side Entry Garage also gives you more design options. In addition to one, two and three-door versions, you can also choose to have a single double-wide garage door for optimal access. Other packages include a separate entry door for smaller vehicles like boats, utility trailers and riding mowers. There's even a Side Entry Garage with a proper built-in workshop separated by a wall from the main garage. Sizes range from small 16' x 20' models to full size 40' x 26' structures complete with two double-wide doors and decorative dormer windows.

Cottage Roof Garages

Some homeowners prefer the visual appeal of a Cottage Roof Garage. Also known as a hip roof, the design features four inward sloping sides vs. the two-sided gable roof. The pyramid shape generally allows for lower roof lines, though snow and ice can still slide off quite easily. But the real advantage is greater stability and durability. This is especially relevant in areas that are prone to high winds and storms. Multiple sizes are available, with one-car garage, two-car garage and three-car garage options to choose from.

Loft Garages

Many homeowners are choosing to convert their garage to a loft, or even add a loft to their existing garage. Our Loft Garage packages provide all those benefits plus more in one purpose-built, cost-effective structure. To begin with, a Loft Garage still delivers on its primary function of keeping your vehicles safe and protected. But you'll also get an entire extra room on top which can be used for storage. This is especially useful for storing items you don't use on a regular basis like off-season clothes, recreational gear and even decorations. Aside from storage, your garage loft can also be used for work, study, hobbies or leisure. Why use up valuable acreage building a storage shed, backyard office or studio when a Loft Garage offers an all-in-one solution? Design options include Barn Style, Gable Style and Salt Box Style Loft Garages.

RV Garages

An RV is a substantial financial investment that requires secure storage and protection against the elements. But paying for winter storage can be expensive. An RV Garage will give you the safety, security and peace-of-mind you need, and save you money in the long run. You'll also have ease of access: your RV is available whenever you want it with no tarping, un-tarping or snow removal required. Our RV Garages feature extra-high doors with extra-wide openings to accommodate most large RV sizes. The gable roof design is also ideal for RV storage because the vaulted ceiling allows for RV roof inspection and maintenance.

Dual RV / Car Garages

Why build an RV Garage AND a car garage when you can get both in one cost-effective package? Our Dual RV / Car Garages provide all the room you need to safely house your RV, plus additional space for extra vehicle storage. This can be used to store a tow-car: a small SUV or subcompact car that makes it easier to get around once you've set up camp with your RV. It can also store a trailer that carries recreational vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, boats etc. for use at your destinations. Even if you don't plan on using a trailer or tow-car, you can still use the extra space to park your everyday vehicle, or create a workshop for performing vehicle maintenance and pursuing hobbies or other projects.

Do You Need A One, Two or Three Car Garage?

Most Home Hardware garage styles are available in single-door configurations and double-door configurations. Standard Garages and Cottage Roof Garages are also available as three-door units, and some Side Entry Garages offer double-wide doors. Consider both your present and potential future needs when choosing the size of your garage. For example, will you require extra vehicles as the needs of you and/or your family evolve over time? If the answer is yes then a two-car garage might be your best option. If you're likely to become more interested in outdoor recreation, then a three-car garage for storing a boat or other vehicles might be a good idea. Also, if you foresee land vs. air travel increasing for family vacations you might want to consider an RV Garage.

  • How Your Backyard Project Works

  • Backyard Projects are available through all Home Hardware Building Centre and Home Building Centre locations. All lumber and materials are included: simply choose your project and contact your nearest Building Centre location to confirm material availability and place your order. Concrete footing materials are sold separately; these items are specific to your project and will need to be considered when designing your farm or ranch building. Your Backyard Projects expert will help you choose the options that are right for your home. Project costs will vary according to local conditions, by-laws, and building codes. Contact your local Building Centre for project pricing and guidance.

Backyard Project Installation Options

  • 1. DIY: The self-installation option gives you complete control of your project. That means you're in charge of the material cutting, pre-drilling and assembly. The level of difficulty varies from project-to-project. Many are ideal for handy homeowners with experience reading construction plans and using power tools and hand tools. All tool requirements are also your responsibility, but remember - Home Hardware's always here to help!

  • 2. We Install: For more advanced projects, your best solution may be to use Home Hardware's trusted Home Installs service, or a Home Hardware recommended contractor. This option brings experience and expertise to your project and helps ensure it is completed in a timely, professional manner (including post-project cleanup). Consult with your store's Backyard Projects expert to make the choice that is right for you.

Before You Start: Whichever option you choose, be sure to contact your local building department for by-law and permit requirements, and your local utilities for easements and underground service locations. Your Backyard Projects expert can help guide you through the process and assist with any special drawings and approvals that may be required.

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