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Backyard Projects Sheds

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Backyard Projects: Sheds

A well-designed shed can be the ideal solution to your backyard storage issues. From garden tools and pool gear to outdoor toys and furniture, a backyard shed helps keep everything organized, easy to find, and safe from theft or inclement weather. It also adds value to your property. But Home Hardware's Backyard Shed Projects offer much more than mere storage. Workshop, Studio and Backyard Office Packages are also available to give you much needed privacy and focus. We've got Playhouses for kids and Bunkies for extra living space too. You can even paint, decorate and furnish your outbuilding of choice to create a personalized "She-Shed" or "Man Cave". Various purpose-built Specialty Sheds are also available including Greenhouses, Woodsheds, Cabanas and more.

Backyard Projects Shed Packages include many design options to suit your tastes and fit your budget. Whether you want a simple storage shed or full size workshop, one of our Backyard Project experts is here to help.

Choose Your Shed By Function

Storage Sheds

If your outdoor equipment is taking up valuable space in your home then a Backyard Storage Shed may be just what you need. It will clear away clutter and eliminate the in-house dirt-tracking whenever outdoor gear is hauled back inside. Whatever your storage needs or yard size, you're sure to find a shed that accommodates both. Configuration options range from small front-door units ideal for garden storage to large dual-entry sheds you can drive right into with your riding mower. Choose from a wide variety of designs to find a shed that best complements your exterior décor. Options include Barn Style Sheds, Gable Sheds, Salt Box Sheds and Corner Sheds in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.


Move your power tools and related projects out of the basement or garage and into a Backyard Workshop. You'll free up storage space and eliminate the cutting, drilling and hammering that can bother other family members. For more artistic pursuits, a Backyard Studio offers an ideal setting for painting, photography, music and other activities. You can also turn working from home into living at work with a Backyard Office. You'll have plenty of room for a desk, file cabinets, office equipment and extra seating. All Backyard Workspace Sheds include windows to allow in natural light. Insulation, drywall and rain goods packages are also available to make your workspace usable year-round.

Living Spaces (Bunkies)

Adding an extra room to your home or cottage requires a lot of time and money, so why not consider a Backyard Bunkie? Construction is much easier, and you'll avoid the mess and noise of a home renovation project. A bunkie, or bunkhouse, is essentially a guest suite: a small, furnished outbuilding that provides extra space for overnight guests. Of course, you can also use it as your own private sanctuary to read, work or simply relax. Our Backyard Bunkies are spacious enough to fit a queen size bed or two doubles, with room leftover for nightstands, a dresser and even a chair or two depending on the size you choose. All models include large glass doors and side windows for natural light, with insulation, drywall and rain goods packages also available for all-season use.

Kids Playhouse / Storage Sheds

Can you think of a better gift to give your children than their very own house to play in? An ideal environment for both solitary play and group activities, your kids' Backyard Playhouse is likely to become action-central in the neighbourhood. Aside from the many social benefits, there are educational rewards too. A playhouse offers a great place for uninterrupted study and homework. It also encourages independence as many kids embrace ownership duties, cleaning and maintaining the playhouse like it's their own home. If you're trying to budget for a storage shed too, why not save space and money? Many of our Backyard Playhouses include a separate storage area with independent access door. And from an investment standpoint, some of our playhouses can even be repurposed into a storage shed after your kids grow out of it.

Choose Your Shed By Design

Barn Style Sheds

Combining beauty and utility, a Barn Style Shed adds an attractive rural touch to your backyard or garden. The gambrel roof features two distinct angles and is designed to closely resemble a full-sized country barn. The design is no accident, as the shallow upper slope and steep lower slope unite to create a large under-roof space that greatly increases storage capacity. This allows for plentiful shelving and, high stacking of supplies and materials, and easier storage of large or bulky items.

Gable Sheds

A Gable Shed roof features two upward-sloping angles that meet at the highest point of the roof, usually in the middle. Hugely popular and incredibly functional, our Gable Sheds are easy to build and offer excellent protection. The gable design allows for easy shedding of snow and helps prevent ice dams from forming. Inside, the pyramid-shaped space between the two roof sides provides an extra pocket of air that helps insulate the shed in winter and cool it in summer.

Salt Box Sheds

This classic New England style is defined by its short sloping roof in front and long sloping roof at the back. The unique asymmetrical design makes a Salt Box Shed ideal for butting up against a fence, and an attractive complement to both modern and rustic-themed yards. It also allows for easy snow removal and swift runoff of rain. There is, however, one minor trade-off: the long rear slope reduces vertical space which means taller items can only be stored at the front. Use your Salt Box Shed for handy storage of garden tools and supplies, and consider adding a work bench to do your spring potting.

Corner Sheds

If lack of yard space has you hesitant about buying a shed then consider one of our Corner Shed Packages. Available in five- or six-sided configurations, these sheds feature large double doors in front and two outward sweeping side walls. It's a unique shape to be sure, but it’s also pleasing to the eye and will tuck neatly into an open corner of your backyard. More importantly a Corner Shed offers excellent storage opportunities. The five walls provide ample space for shelving and tool hanging, and the wide double doors permit easy movement of large items like wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, tillers and other garden equipment. If you have a pool, consider a corner shed for storing pool supplies and related toys and gear.

Side Entry Sheds

Finding a storage shed with entry points that fit the layout of your backyard can be a challenge. Our Side Entry Sheds are specially designed to address this issue. Side Entry Sheds feature doors on the long/eaves side of the gable roof. For smaller units this may only amount to a design preference. But for mid- and full-size models strategic placement can create the shed-front space you need for maneuvering in the big stuff like riding mowers, canoes and snowmobiles. Mid-size side entry sheds feature wide double doors, but for ultimate ease-of-access choose a full-size model complete with a roll up door.

Double Entry Sheds

Our Double Entry Sheds take the side entry shed concept one step further. Offering even more accessibility, the unique design features large swingout doors on the eaves side for loading in large items, plus a standard walk-in door at front. This makes for much added convenience since you needn’t unlatch the big doors just to grab a tool, and you can access your work and play toys from either end. Look for added features like an entry ramp, front doorstep and extended front gable overhang to round out your package.

Choose A Specialty Shed


If plants are your passion consider adding a Greenhouse to your backyard. You'll get an extended growing season and a more controlled climate for nurturing delicate plants. You can also grow exotic plants that aren't native to your region due to the super-hot and humid environment. Pest control is another benefit as animals and insects are kept outside, which in turn reduces the need for pesticides and chemicals. Our small Greenhouses feature an offset gable roof with glass panels embedded in the longer slope for maximum sun exposure. Larger models have full gable roof, with glass panels comprising half the roof and half of one side of the structure.

Firewood Storage Sheds

A great fire starts with proper firewood storage. Our Firewood Storage Sheds will protect your wood from the elements, keeping it dry and ready to use when needed. Fresh cut firewood can have up to 45% retained water so the goal isn't just to keep your wood dry, but to let it properly dry out as well. This is also a safety issue, as burning wet wood can cause creosote to build up in your chimney, which is the number one cause of chimney fires. Designed to promote maximum air circulation, our Firewood Storage Sheds feature raised flooring to keep your firewood elevated and safely away from ground moisture.

Pump House Shed

A good pump house should keep your water pump safe from damage and protected from the elements. Our Pump House Shed is strong, durable and will help increase the lifespan of your water pump. Key features include a gable roof to help prevent snow and ice from forming, a raised floor to keep equipment away from ground moisture, and large double doors for easy access and maintenance.

Ice Fishing Hut

Staying warm while ice fishing is essential to the safety and enjoyment of the sport. But howling winds and plunging temperatures can make it near impossible—unless you have a good fishing hut. Designed to comfortably house two to three anglers, our Ice Fishing Hut features a gable roof to reduce snow and ice buildup, and a raised floor to keep your feet off the ice—a key safety factor for retaining body heat and preventing frostbite. A cleaning station is mounted to the exterior for easy gutting and filleting of the daily catch, and an exterior dropdown bench provides a good perch for changing attire or catching some rays. Ski runners under the hut allow for easy towing on and off the lake.

Bus Shelter

Keep your kids off the road and out of inclement weather with a roadside Bus Shelter. Designed for use on rural routes this cozy little shelter can accommodate several children plus books, backpacks and other school gear. Large windows on the sides and door allow sunlight in and lets kids keep an eye out for the bus. Stylish door accents and exterior framing round out this attractive package.

Pool Cabana

If you have a pool and your backyard layout provides space enough, you owe it to yourself to consider a Pool Cabana. Adult guests will have a discreet spot to towel off and change, and pool-party kids can be consigned to its use to keep them out of the house. Our Backyard Pool Cabana features a spacious change room, separate bathroom and separate storage room, each with its own access door. A shaded porch and stunning high-pitched dormer visually anchor the building, and small front windows allow sunlight without compromising privacy.

Which Siding Material Is Right For You?

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding offers excellent durability and a great clean look for your shed. Multiple profiles and textures are available which can be applied vertically or horizontally to suit your taste. You can also choose from many colour options as vinyl siding does not require painting or staining. When installed properly vinyl siding will provide a water-resistant shell that makes your shed resistant to rot and insects. It won’t fade or dent and can last up to 30 years or more. Maintenance is easy: simply hose off dirt and dust periodically, and caulk or replace damaged pieces as needed.

Decorative Plywood Siding

Decorative plywood is also an excellent choice for siding. Made from thin slices of wood glued together in layers, plywood is economical, easy to work with and adds structural integrity to your shed walls. It also allows you to get more creative with your backyard décor. Plywood can be painted or stained virtually any colour to complement the exterior of your home or match other elements of your backyard. Plywood will require painting or refinishing every three to five years.

OSB Sheathing (Unfinished)

OSB (oriented strand board) isn’t siding, it's a structural sheath that should be covered with siding material soon after installation. OSB is made of softwood chips glued together in a semi-random pattern. Left as-is OSB quickly absorbs moisture which leads to warping and rotting. It does, however, provide you with a clean palette to build upon. So OSB is a great option if you have leftover siding to use up from another project, or if you want to get creative with alternative sheathing materials.

  • How Your Backyard Project Works

  • Backyard Projects are available through all Home Hardware Building Centre and Home Building Centre locations. All lumber and materials are included: simply choose your project and contact your nearest Building Centre location to confirm material availability and place your order. Concrete footing materials are sold separately; these items are specific to your project and will need to be considered when designing your shed. Your Backyard Projects expert will help you choose the options that are right for your home. Project costs will vary according to local conditions, by-laws, and building codes. Contact your local Building Centre for project pricing and guidance.

Backyard Project Installation Options

  • A man doing DIY installation

    1. DIY: The self-installation option gives you complete control of your project. That means you're in charge of the material cutting, pre-drilling and assembly. The level of difficulty varies from project-to-project. Many are ideal for handy homeowners with experience reading construction plans and using power tools and hand tools. All tool requirements are also your responsibility, but remember - Home Hardware's always here to help!

  • A team looking at a construction plan

    2. We Install: For more advanced projects, your best solution may be to use Home Hardware's trusted Home Installs service, or a Home Hardware recommended contractor. This option brings experience and expertise to your project and helps ensure it is completed in a timely, professional manner (including post-project cleanup). Consult with your store's Backyard Projects expert to make the choice that is right for you.

Before You Start: Whichever option you choose, be sure to contact your local building department for by-law and permit requirements, and your local utilities for easements and underground service locations. Your Backyard Projects expert can help guide you through the process and assist with any special drawings and approvals that may be required.

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A charming side entry shed with gable roof, windows, windowbox planters and entry ramp.