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Driveway Care

Driveway Care

Fix Your Driveway Right with the Proper Driveway Repair Tools & Materials

Regular driveway maintenance will keep your property looking great and help you avoid costly repairs down the road. It will also increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Before starting any type of driveway repair, be sure to blow off all dust and debris first with a leaf blower, then give it good once-over with a pressure washer. Fill in any surface cracks with driveway crack filler, using a caulking gun for single cracks and an asphalt squeegee for larger, spider cracks. Driveway potholes are a bigger concern as they can damage your vehicles and pose a danger to pedestrians. Spread pothole filler about half-an inch above the surface, and use a hand tamper to pat the patch down to a level, compact surface. Driveway sinkholes should be filled with an asphalt depression filler and leveler. However, if cracks are appearing it’s likely ready to collapse so you’ll need to dig it out and fix it like a pothole.

Once you’ve completed your driveway patching you’ll want to protect it with a driveway sealer. A drill mixer will make prepping the sealer easier. Use an asphalt squeegee for application, working from the highest to lowest point of your driveway. Spread the sealer around liberally, applying downward pressure to ensure a thin, well-sealed coat. Take care to overlap slightly with each pass and allow 24 hours for the driveway sealer to cure before parking your vehicles.

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