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Lawn Care

Lawn Care

​Keep your lawn in tip-top shape with practical lawn care season to season.

It would be wonderful if lawns took care of themselves, but like most plants growing in your garden, they need your help. Lawn care includes seasonal attention to keep it healthy and green. Lawn maintenance starts with weed removal. Weeds block air and nutrients from feeding grass roots. Next, it's time to remove thatch and mulch with a garden rake. Good drainage is essential to healthy green lawns. If you have poor water drainage, you may need to consider adjusting the soil type with organic additives.

If your lawn is in poor shape because of damaged or thin areas, over seeding is a good idea. Grass seed with an added fertilizer is a good lawn treatment. Mowing, feeding and watering are the three most important things you'll be doing over the growing season. Cutting a third of the grass height is about right. Look for lawn treatment products designed for your type of soil and follow the instructions on the package. Lawns usually require a feed rich in nitrogen in the spring and fall. Water your lawn early in the day - the amount will depend on the type of soil but be sure not to over-water the grass.

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