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Choose a garden rake that's efficient and comfortable to use.

Avid gardeners will need two different garden rakes when working in the yard. The leaf rake looks like a fan. It has strong but flexible tines to gather up piles of leaves. Look for these in lightweight aluminum and even plastic ones work well. The other type of rake is a bow rake which has rigid short tines. These can break up soil. The other side of the head is good for levelling the earth.

It's a good idea to choose a rake to suit your size. You want one that doesn't make you too tired to finish the job. When you have several small flower beds, a small-headed rake will come in handy. You'll want to move the rake around the edges of the beds without overworking them. Some people like to rake up grass cuttings. This isn't necessary but it might make sense if there's more than the lawn needs for fertilization. Keep your garden rakes in good shape by cleaning them well after every use.

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