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Feed your garden soil to make your plants grow strong and healthy.

Successful gardeners know that feeding the soil is better than feeding your plants. It's not a one-time job either. At the beginning of every growing season, your garden soil needs a boost from organic matter. This could be compost, rotted manure and the chopped-up leaves from last fall. Treat the soil used for growing plants and vegetables to keep it in great condition. There's no need to over-dig. When it crumbles like when you're making pastry, it's ready to host seedlings.

There's no doubt that serious gardeners keep a compost pile going through the winter. If not, then a bag of compost from the garden centre will work. You can also pick up bags of compost, aged and ready for the soil. You can improve your sandy soil with well-rotted manure and compost. Save your grass clippings and mix those in too. Heavy clay soil benefits from the addition of organic matter. This could include shredded leaves, grass, as well as rotted manure. You're aiming to lighten heavy soil and improve drainage. Paying serious attention to soil improvement will result in healthy plants and vegetables.

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